by Heather MacKenzie

The lark sings with open heart.

The tune is free and glad.

The river runs, playing leap-frog over rocks,

Babbling comfort to the fern draped glade.

Fish weave through the gleaming light beams,

As currents carry swirling leaves above.

The wide sky unfurls cloud sails

To float and billow like pillow doves.

Trees gather to gossip and whisper in groups,

Lifting their skirts with hoops, to dip and curtsy,

Then stoop, at the parting to the wooded door.

The meadow holds a carpet of flowers

Woven into a paisley patterned floor.

The grasses stir with ease,

On the fragrant, wafting, swooping breeze.

All this is free, and full of joy!

I am drunk with gladness to see

The earth opens wide her arms,

Laden with beauty and bounty and charm.

- A Poem by Heather MacKenzie